Job Descriptions

Means of Notification:

  1. notify website coordinator
  2. send 1 initial group email and 1 follow-up email reminder one week before
  3. announce at Friday Forums 2 times before event


Christmas Dinner

Sets date and place, with board approval.  Purchases paper goods and meat.  Gives receipts to treasurer for reimbursement.  Coordinates set-up and clean-up.  Announces event information to group by all four methods.

Provides a sign-up list of various dinner items. 


Fun Day

Sets date and place, usually following second Friday Forum each month.  Events should be free or very economical and not a great distance to drive.

Announces event information to group by all four methods.


Mom’s Night Out

MNO will be one event per semester and should be an appealing, special event with no agenda.  It is intended as a time of refreshing and fellowship for moms only.  The coordinator sets the date and place, making the date on a non-Friday Forum week.  Must also check CHELC calendar for scheduled field trips so as not to conflict.    Announces event information to group by all four methods.



Keeps book current by collecting and taking photos, and collecting newspaper articles about members.  Brings to all Friday Forums for members to view.  Brings to annual Fine Arts & Science Expo to be displayed prominently and with a sign reading “CHELC Scrapbook”.



Organizes and is ready at annual meeting to disburse all information and materials to all families.  Explains fundraiser at annual meeting, giving deadline.  Collects orders and funds.  Sends and receives order; then distributes to members.  Keeps accurate records.



Keeps all information current.  Deletes information that is obsolete.  Adds monthly newsletter once received from newsletter coordinator; then notifies group by email that the newsletter is available on the website.  Adds event information as received by the various coordinators. 


Field Trips

Determines date and place(s).  The coordinator for Grades 6 – 12 field trips will plan one trip per semester.  The coordinator(s) for Grades K – 5 will plan 2 trips in the fall semester and 3 in the spring semester.  Announces event information to group by all four methods, with a minimum of four weeks first notice.  Gathers all information needed, such as directions, prices, hours, lunch facilities, car-pooling meeting place & time, etc.  Must have information before annual meeting and give to CHELC secretary so that a yearly field trip listing can be prepared to hand out.


Club Leaders

To be held the hour preceding Friday Forum, unless a more convenient time is determined by the majority.  Prepares bi-monthly skills to be worked on.  Purchases necessary materials and is reimbursed by dues.  Keeps parents informed.  Ensures clean-up of area after each club hour.  Coordinates any off-campus events.  Holds year-end ceremony for achievements, separately from the annual Fine Arts & Science Expo, but may, optionally, have displays and/or performances at the Expo.


Friday Forum

Head Coordinator and Assistant

To be held bi-monthly for 15 dates. 


Arrange/verify location.  Determine Friday Forum dates (none will take place in December.)  Prepare, give out and collect yearly survey to ascertain needs and desires of member families.  Compile survey results.  Determine classes for each age grouping and recruit teachers.  Prepare an overview of classes for parent information at year-end.  Keep families informed.  Prepare student sign-up sheets for classes before year-end.  Determine room assignments.  Determine helper assignments once teachers are in place.  Inform of all fees and known costs.  Collect all fees and reimburse teachers of all costs.  Give payment to the church giving use of their facility.  Arrange for TVs and DVD players to be set up in rooms where/when needed.  Arrive early to verify facility is set up as needed.  Open with prayer and announcements (stress health policy and areas that are off-limits.)  Verify that facility is cleaned up afterwards.  Prepare a yearly flyer of the Friday Forum focus with basic registration and cost information, student guidelines, and class descriptions.  



Church Set-Up

Responsible for opening and closing building used for Friday Forum.  Turns on/off heat, A/C and/or water as appropriate.  Monitors parking lot.  Makes sure all rooms are back in order before locking up. 



Needs to be a frugally-minded person.  Purchases food and paper products (napkins, cups, zipper-closing bags and trash bags).  Gives all receipts to the Friday Forum assistant for reimbursement.  Serves snacks at each Friday Forum.  Cleans area and disposes of trash properly.  Keeps supplies stored in plastic tub provided at the church during the school year and stores extras during the summer at home till the next school year.


Fine Arts & Science Expo

       Head Coordinator and Assistant

To be held after the final Friday Forum; for the participation of member students only, with one performance per student (accompanists excepted).  All parents are expected to keep children quiet and seated during performances.  Children should be taken to the back or out of the room if they will not be quiet or remain seated.  No exceptions.


Announce date and basic information at annual meeting.  Obtain facility with permission to use for rehearsal and program.  Announce in newsletter periodically, especially during spring semester.  Print maps to location.  Oversee Kindergarten Graduation Coordinator.


Two months before:  Prepare sign-up sheets for student performances (name and type of performance), science displays (name and type) and for refreshments.  Visit local businesses with a prepared letter on CHELC letterhead requesting donations (monetary or items for goody bags, if bags are being prepared for the students). 


Purchases:  Goody bags and their contents for participating students.  Name labels for bags.  Drinks, cups, napkins, plates, forks, paper and plastic table covers.  Name labels for chairs of performing students. Decorations.  Printed programs.  All receipts should be given to the CHELC treasurer for reimbursement.  Arrange with secretary for payment to facility, if applicable.


Set-up:  Arrange tables for displays with paper covers and name labels; arrange tables for food, drinks and cake with plastic covers. Arrange chairs with name labels for children performing.  Arrange for A/C and sound system to be on.  Assemble goody bags.  Post signs at entrance to performance site and to restrooms.


Rehearsal:  Supervise rehearsal schedule. 


Program:  Arrange for the opening and closing prayers with two fathers.  Arrange to have a Master of Ceremony.  Arrange to have an experienced person running the sound system.  Arrange helpers with refreshments and serving the drinks.  Arrange someone to hand out programs at the door.


Clean-Up and Follow-Up:  Arrange for help with clean-up and putting the facility back in excellent order.  Verify that A/C and sound system are turned off.  Send thank you notes to all businesses who donated and to the church giving use of their facility.


Kindergarten Graduation

Is under the Expo coordinator’s oversight.  Collects $10 fee from participating graduate families to be used towards purchase of cake and programs.  Collects graduate information for program.  Prepares and prints out  programs (color-coordinated with Expo colors) and hands out to graduate family members only.  Orders and picks up cake.  Delegates someone to cut cake at the Expo.  Responsible for procuring an MC for the graduation segment of the evening.  Procures pianist or a CD to play “Pomp and Circumstance”.  Organizes processional and recessional.  Must be at the rehearsal.