General Guidelines

 Christian Home Educators of Laurens County (CHELC)


  1. We expect all CHELC members to be loving and respectful to one another.
  2. Students should be obedient to all instructors and parent helpers.
  3. Students and parents should take care of the property we are allowed to use.
  4. Students and parents should dress in modest, casual attire.
  5. Students should be accompanied by at least one parent or guardian who must remain as long as the student is present. (The only exception if for students who are 16 or older and have participated with a parent for at least one year prior to the event.  These older students should still have an assigned CHELC guardian in case of an emergency.)
  6. In the event of illness, members should not attend if any of the following is present:
    • Fever over 99.5
    • Vomiting within the previous 24 hours
    • Any known contagious condition
    • Cough or runny nose which a child is unable to contain
  7. In the event of discipline issues, children may receive a verbal correction. If the behavior does not improve upon correction, the student will be taken to his or her parent.