Welcome to CHELC!

CHELC stands for Christian Home Educators of Laurens County

We are located in Laurens County, SC and are glad that you have found our site. Thank you for your interest in home schooling and our support group.

We hope you find our website helpful and informative.



Click here for the latest schedule, dates & contacts: Friday Forum 2018-2019

Our Annual Meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 21st at Grace Baptist Church,
345 Metric Road in Laurens

Here are some of the activities and resources we have to offer:
  • Co-Op Classes – Where moms, dads, and others in the community co-teach our children (See Friday Forum).
  • Field Trips – Fun and educational outing for all ages.
  • Fun Days – Swimming, ice skating, playing at a nearby park, meeting with other home school groups, and other fun activities.
** All extra activities available are dependent upon cooperative volunteer efforts of the homeschool parents & students.
CHELC Executive Board
  • President:  Alan Lindner (803) 768-2316
  • Vice Presidents: John & DeDe Baughn (864) 923-9689
  • Secretary: Lynn Smith (864) 981-9991
  • Treasurer: Mike & Susie Neiger (803) 944-1490